The birth of mountain biking is often attributed to Marin County, California, and a ragtag group of riders who started racing modified Schwinns down the dirt roads of Mt. Tamalpais. At around the same time in the mid-1970s, another spark in mountain biking's evolution burst into a flame. 
"Born From Junk" is a documentary short film that captures Crested Butte, Colorado's side of the origin story, as told by the characters who built the bikes and pioneered the rides.

Written and Directed by
Mike Horn and Galin Foley

Produced by
Mike Horn
Narrative Cinematography by
Joel Wolter

Documentary Cinematography by
Galin Foley

Edited by
Galin Foley

Audio mix by
Scotty Beam & Cleod9 Music

Graphic Design by
Joe Polevy

Story Editor
Drew Pogge

Associate Producer
Adam Broderick

Camera Assistants
Rex Lint - Tin House Creative
Jesse Levine - Reel Motion

Additional Work

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